Boat Safety Scheme Examiner FAQs

Do I have to wait until my certificate runs out before I renew it?
The Marina Manager where my boat is kept has told me I have to use his Boat Safety Scheme examiner, why?
What common issues could I try and deal with before the examination?
Is running the engine part of the Boat Safety Scheme examination process?
Is the BSS an online document? And will I get a hard copy issued on the day?
Do I need a certificate if my boat is less than 4 years old?
My fire extinguishers seem alright but don't have the labels specified in the Boat Safety Scheme Essential Guide. Why can't I use them?
If my boat fails the exam, what happens?
The boat passed last time but failed this time, why?
If I get a 'Warning Notice' and it’s reported to my Navigation Authority what does that mean I have to do?