The Boat Safety Scheme Examination – Preparing Your Boat

The Boat Safety Scheme Examination is important and deserves careful preparation to achieve a satisfactory result, but regular maintenance and checking to see that installations, components and fittings are in good condition will pay off and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Here are some practical tips to ensure that compliance in your Boat Safety Scheme Examination is successful

1Download the Guide
Get the BSS Essential Guide . This BSS publication is an invaluable guide to help you understand what will be checked during your examination.

2Got An Existing BSS Certificate?
Have your existing BSS certificate to hand. This will help with information that is required to complete the paperwork.

3Easy Access
Provide full access to all gas joints and to pipe-work wherever possible (including fuel lines) so that they can be examined.

4Check Boat Systems
Ensure all the boat systems work. Have a fully charged battery and gas and water to enable a minimum 15 minute test to be run on the system.

5Got an Open Flue Heater?
If you have an open flue gas water heater on your boat, make sure there is sufficient water on board to fully test its operation and flue-spillage etc.

6Open Gas Lockers
Gas lockers should be unlocked and boards and panels removed to give access where necessary.

7Remove Engine Covers
Engine covers etc are removed or at least made easily removable.

8Fire Extinguishers
Check your fire extinguishers. The BSS Guide on fire extinguishers is available here . (refer to Chapter 6 for full details)

9Charge Your Batteries
Batteries are fully charged and along with fuses, are easily accessible.

10Disconnect Mains Electricity
Ensure that 230v mains electricity supplies (and inverters / generators) have been disconnected & that shore power leads are available for inspection. Where boats have been lifted or placed on hard-standing, please ensure that safe access is provided.

11Keep People Informed
If your boat is moored on private moorings or in a marina please inform the owner so they are aware of the examination taking place. Many marina operators have an obligation to ensure that visiting contractors have the required level of public liability insurance.

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